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The Wrestling School is a European theatre company based in London that explores the relationship between language, performer and audience through the work of Howard Barker.

Considered one of the major writers of modern European theatre, Howard Barker's plays fearlessly explore power, sexuality and human behaviour with a poetic and compelling language that is rich in ideas, beauty and dramatic violence. In his Theatre of Catastrophe each performance is a challenge in which actors and audience are inspired to find meaning and resonance from a multiplicity of interpretations.

The award winning Wrestling School has a reputation for outstanding productions of these texts, inspiring enthusiastic audiences with their highly theatrical and imaginative use of language, sound and image. 
                             " the most important buildingless company in Britain " 
                                                                                                                    The Independent 
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October 18th & 19th 2013
THEATRE OF CATASTROPHE  A Weekend with Howard Barker and The Wrestling School
Rose Bruford College hosts Howard Barker and members of The Wrestling School for a weekend of play-readings, discussions and practical workshops. More Information.

A selection of poems by Howard Barker have been recorded read by Julia Tarnoky. Click here